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Phone: 765-884-1881

Toll Free: 800-PEST-166



No more creepy crawlies

Whatever creepy crawlies are currently invading your home, we have an affordable solution for you. Our specialists can remove any type of insect - guaranteed!

We specialize in these common insects:

     -  Ants

     -  Roaches

     -  Flies

     -  Crickets

     -  Centipedes

     -  Silverfish

     -  Fleas and ticks

Keeping your environment pest-free

Our specialists are here to exterminate pests once and for all, so they never bother you again. Whether you're dealing with termite damage or an infestation of spiders, we're here to help!

Our company prides itself on maintaining a friendly work environment to ensure that our specialists can focus all their attention on helping you.

Pest control for cleaner and healthier living