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When simple traps and sprays won't do

When pests invade large open areas like grain bins, trucks, and buildings, we offer full fumigation services to handle your infestation quickly and affordably.

Fumigation process

    -  Complete assessment of infested area

    -  Area is fully covered to create a sealed environment

    -  Fumigant is released into the space to be fumigated

    -  Space remains sealed for a set period of time while the fumigant expands through the space and kills the pests

    -  Space is ventilated to allow the poisonous gases to escape and render the space safe for humans to enter.

Other types of pest control

Our pest control services cover everything from termite inspections, crawling insect and spider control, rodent trapping, and power spraying. We'll get rid of your pests, guaranteed!

We're Certified Food

and Grain Handling Specialists, so we know

how to keep your

areas clean and safe.

When your infestation covers a large area